1. We are slow to be angry and quick to say sorry. 

We always use please, thank you, and all other kind and gentle words.


2. We speak truth because lies damage our relationships.


3. We behave like “you are more important than me.” 

We know adults deserve special honor.  We know family = treasure.


4. We know our parents want us safe. We ask before we go anywhere. 

We don’t keep secrets. We share about our day.


5. We act like Brendtros  and children of God wherever we are, to bring honor to both names.


6. We know our parents look for ways to bless us and we look for ways to bless others. 


7. We are careful with things, no matter who owns it. We ask to borrow. We choose to share. 

We enjoy tidy spaces and we clean up after ourselves


8. We are happy to be in a healthy house. 

We ask for snacks, eat what is offered, say thanks, clean up, and don’t dally.   


9. We do what we are told. We do it fast.

We don’t argue or whine. We know no means no.


10. We brush, bathe and get beautiful without reminders.

We love being clean and ready on time.

Written by Melissa Brendtro